How TalentPop Helped Wandering Bear Coffee Establish Streamlined Business Processes For Their CX Team

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  • on November 16, 2022
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  • “Now I have a cancel order request, tracking issue, & quality issue doc for our team… those are things we didn’t have before TalentPop.”


    The Client: Wandering Bear Coffee is an innovative and eco-conscious cold brew coffee company based in NYC. The first online coffee brand to create a “coffee-on-tap” experience for their caffeinated consumers, Wandering Bear Coffee prides itself on offering strong, smooth cold brew coffee in sustainable packaging that doesn’t harm our planet. 

    The Challenge: When Wandering Bear pivoted to a Direct to Consumer business model in 2021, they need to scale their customer support as well to make sure the brand was set up for success.


    How TalentPop Helped Wandering Bear Coffee Establish Streamlined Business Processes For Their CX Team

    Wandering Bear Coffee is the first of its kind to offer coffee in taps for customers to purchase on a one-time or subscription basis. When the brand officially made the switch from their previous business model, they needed to rebuild their processes, systems, and expand their customer service team to a level that would help them grow into the future.

    As a result of the extensive training TalentPop provides agents prior to onboarding, including general training and platform-specific training, Wandering Bear’s first TalentPop agent, Storm, was able to dive right in and start helping the team.  

    Customer Experience Manager, Amy Darlington, said, “I didn’t expect a new agent to pick up the information as quickly as Storm did. I knew he’d worked with other helpdesk platforms before, but never Gorgias…. he caught on really quickly and the experience from TalentPop allowed him to get really comfortable in the role.” 

    Amy expressed that Storm, as well as the other TalentPop agents on the team of ten, are always willing to help out and pitch in wherever necessary. 

    “The training documents TalentPop provided were really helpful…”

    Knowing that Wandering Bear Coffee needed a hand with streamlining their processes and nailing down responses, a huge mission of TalentPop’s was to create SOPs and templates for the brand’s customer service team to use.

    When Amy first stepped into her role as the brand’s CX Manager, she expressed that there hadn’t been much time to ever create standardized processes, so, unfortunately, not much existed yet for the team to use. 

    “We were figuring it all out as we went, which meant there was no ordering tracking document, SOPs, or any templates to use.”

    Once her team was able to start utilizing the documentation we’d created for them, Amy told us that “it was so nice to have a template of what we can do… I have a cancel order request, tracking issue template, and a quality issue document that our team can share so that we keep track of all these issues.”

    Today, Wandering Bear Coffee continues to grow and expand, and by utilizing TalentPop’s support managers, their relationships with our agents and the level of tasks they’re able to give them are elevated every week.


    Scale Customer Service With TalentPop’s Expert Agents

    At TalentPop, there’s nothing we love more than helping our clients grow their e-commerce businesses by scaling customer service. 

    From training our agents in the specific platforms your brand uses to creating SOPs and templates to create consistency around customer experience, we’re here to give your business the tools it needs to succeed.

    To learn more about how we can help you meet your goals this year, book a call with our team today.

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