How TalentPop Helped Fast Growing Startup Tumble Living Streamline Customer Service

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  • on January 13, 2023
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  • “I’m very impressed – what TalentPop has done in terms of hiring & training is phenomenal.”

    The Client: Tumble Living offers design-forward, affordable rugs that can stand up to life’s unexpected messes. With cushioned rug pads and non-toxic materials, Tumble’s spill-proof rugs are comfortable for kids and pets yet beautiful enough to add a unique flair to your home.

    The Challenge: Tumble Living was growing at a rapid rate and knew they needed to outsource customer service and grow their team – however, the Founders simply didn’t have the time to sort through multiple candidates to find the right fit for their brand. 


    How TalentPop Helped Tumble Hire & Onboard Qualified Agents To Support The Brand’s Customer Service Needs

    Tumble Living has become a go-to over the years for durable, spill-proof rugs that are perfect for homes with kids and pets yet comfortable and beautiful enough to fit into their customers’ home aesthetics. 

    As Founders Justin Soleimani and Zach Dannet watched their business begin to grow into a well-known brand, they knew that eventually they would have to bring additional customer service agents onto the team to handle tickets and inquiries. 

    However, maintaining the fast pace that often accompanies managing a start-up made it difficult to put the appropriate time and effort into the hiring process to even find the right candidates. 


    “Everyone we have spoken to at TalentPop seems to really enjoy and feel very passionate about what they do, which you don’t find at too many organizations today.”

    After meeting with TalentPop initially to carve out the details, co-Founder Zach said he was so impressed with the hiring and onboarding process.

    “Our Customer Success Manager, Michelle, is very helpful and resourceful, and was always asking during that initial onboarding how she could continue to help us out.”

    The brand’s other co-Founder, Zach, told us that his favorite part of TalentPop has been the hiring process as well. 

    “One thing that really stood out to me was how streamlined you’ve been able to make the onboarding process. For example, the pricing structure is so simple and straightforward,” which he admitted made the whole process feel a lot less stressful. 

    Zach also expressed to us that he loved how convenient and easy it was to sort through the candidates TalentPop presented. Since TalentPop provides clients with everything they need to make a hiring decision, including writing samples and prerecorded interviews, it took Tumble a lot less time to find the right customer service agents to onboard and start helping the brand manage tickets. 


    Outsource customer service to TalentPop and let us take over the hiring and onboarding process for you

    At TalentPop, our mission is simple: we want to match e-commerce brands just like you with the perfect, qualified candidates who will help create a 5-star experience for your customers. 

    From the initial processes of vetting, hiring, and onboarding your customer service agents to the continual check-ins with your Customer Success Manager, we go above and beyond to make sure your partnership with TalentPop is driving your business goals.

    To experience the seamless hiring process that has helped top e-commerce brands like Tumble onboard the right customer service agents for yourself, book a call with our team today.

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