How TalentPop Helped JAXXON Successfully Expand Their Customer Support Channels

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  • on November 8, 2022
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  • “We don’t want to work with anyone else except TalentPop…”

    The Client: JAXXON is a luxury jewelry brand that specializes in creating chains and bracelets for men.

    The Challenge: After an especially hectic holiday season in 2020, the brand’s team knew they needed to prepare as much as they could to make 2021 a smoother, more streamlined experience for their customers and customer service team.


    How TalentPop Helped JAXXON Successfully Expand Their Customer Support Channels

    Back in 2020, JAXXON had just made it through the holidays and was ready to figure out how they could make improvements within their customer service team for the next year. 

    As the brand’s Chief Experience Officer, Jarett Castillo, said to us, “you always want to overprepare for the holidays, of course, but that year was just way crazier than we thought it would be.”

    With goals of scaling their customer service team and expanding their methods of support into phone and live chat, JAXXON turned to TalentPop to make it happen. 

    “One of the things I really love about TalentPop is their attentiveness and willingness to help throughout the whole process…”

    Previously, JAXXON had been working with a helpdesk and had three agents from another customer service BPO on their team. However, their needs were changing, and they were ready to migrate their helpdesk needs over to Gorgias after seeing how much the platform had to offer. 

    Jarett said, “because TalentPop and Gorgias work closely as partners, it was good for us to switch to TalentPop. Plus, you guys made the whole onboarding process so organized – from super easy-to-use Excel files, the tagging systems and rules set up in Gorgias, it felt like the right move overall.”

    To make matters even easier for JAXXON, our team also made sure that every TalentPop agent we sent to them was trained on Gorgias before they even hit the JAXXON team. For Jarett, who personally trained every customer service rep before working with TalentPop, having agents who already had knowledge of Gorgias and were quick learners was a game-changer. 

    The first two TalentPop agents that JAXXON brought onto their team, Donna and Keenan, exceeded Jarett’s expectations, so much so that Donna now manages a team of 15 agents as a lead agent for JAXXON.

    Now, two years into working with us, Jarett said, “It was really cool to see the first two agents that we brought on from TalentPop make such a huge impact overall on our team, even to the point where we don’t want to work with anyone else – we want everyone on our team to be from TalentPop.”


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