How TalentPop Helped Gobi Heat® Maintain Customer Satisfaction During Expansions Into High-level Retail Stores

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  • on April 7, 2023
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  • “This has been one of our best years for customer service, and we’ve gotten great customer feedback.”

    The Client: Gobi Heat® is a 100% female-owned heated apparel company headquartered in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Run by a team of experts, Gobi Heat® is changing the game for the heated apparel industry by offering versatile designs in various styles and sizes. 

    The Challenge: As a small organization, Gobi Heat® was used to hiring seasonal support to help them during their peak season. However, with the growth and strides that the brand has made in the last year, the upper management team knew that they needed a more straightforward solution for managing customer service while they worked on expanding their operations into well-known retail spaces. 


    How TalentPop helped Gobi Heat® maintain customer satisfaction during expansions into high-level retail stores

    As a small organization offering heated apparel such as jackets, hoodies, blankets, and even hammocks, Gobi Heat® often experiences its busy season from around September to December. 

    Before working with TalentPop, the brand’s internal team typically sought out additional customer support by throwing a job posting up on Indeed and hoping for the best. 

    However, managing this hiring process year after year for just one season was becoming a monumental task. With everything else on his plate, Director of Customer Service Ben Koppes simply didn’t have the bandwidth to manage the hiring and training on his own anymore. 


    “As our brand grows, every minute matters – not having to get pulled in 18 directions this year made a huge difference.”


    After hearing about TalentPop, Ben and his team loved the idea of outsourcing not only their customer service but also the hiring and onboarding process to someone else.

    Ben told us that everything felt super smooth while working with TalentPop. From hiring the right talent to onboarding and communication, each facet of our process met their expectations and gave Ben and his existing team at Gobi Heat® more time in their week.


    “Our agents have done a great job of communicating with us. When we lost an agent, our Customer Success Manager, Vitzania,  set up a schedule that covered all of our needs – with no gaps or holes in service – and took a lot of weight off me and my team. {With TalentPop,} we were also able to cover more hours this year, and it worked out very well.”


    In addition to covering more hours, Gobi Heat®’s dedicated TalentPop agents quickly caught on to the more technical tickets and were soon able to handle complex inquiries that involved in-depth troubleshooting independently. 

    When asked how this benefited his team, Ben shared that having a competent customer support team who could work independently was a huge help and gave him more time to focus on the retail side of his role. 

    With expansion into bigger retail stores like Cabela’s, the brand’s small team was able to focus more on their growth and operation goals and trust that customer service was in good hands. 

    We asked Ben what he’d say to another brand that was considering outsourcing customer service, and he said, “Just go for it. We got a really good group of agents that became a strong team, and our ROI was super high. If someone asked me my opinion, I’d definitely point them towards TalentPop.”


    Accelerate your growth this year by outsourcing customer service to TalentPop

    To grow a successful brand that experiences repeat customers and high CLTV, it’s crucial to establish a baseline of excellent customer service. 

    At TalentPop, we know better than anyone that everything goes back to the experience, so we strive to match each of our clients with dedicated agents who will go above and beyond to help your valued customers. 

    If you have big goals for your brand this year that includes an expansion or revenue growth, let TalentPop help you focus on achieving them while we take the reins on customer service. 

    To get started, book a call with our team today, and we’ll show you how we can take customer service off your plate and get you closer to meeting your goals in as little as 3 weeks.

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