How TalentPop Helped Espin Bikes Replace Its Old BPO And Bring A New Level Of Customer Satisfaction And Success To The Brand

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  • on January 20, 2023
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  • “TalentPop has been our secret weapon.”

    The Client: Espin Bikes offers revolutionary e-bikes that are designed to perform and built to handle nearly any type of terrain. With easy assembly instructions and an all-inclusive model complete with racks, fenders, and lights, an Espin Bikes is exactly what you need to ride comfortably and conveniently.

    The Challenge: Though Espin Bikes was already outsourcing customer service to another company, they weren’t happy with the results they were seeing and were ready to start working with a dedicated alternative that would help improve customer satisfaction. 


    How TalentPop helped Espin Bikes replace its old BPO and bring a new level of customer satisfaction and success to the brand

    When Espin Bikes first came to TalentPop in early 2022, they were already outsourcing customer service to a BPO that simply wasn’t hitting the marks. 

    From scheduling conflicts that were continuously overlooked by their account manager to incorrect answers to tickets that resulted in upset and frustrated customers, it seemed that nothing was going the way they expected it to. 

    Co-Founder Yina Liu said, “The communication just wasn’t as open or as easy as it is with TalentPop, so it felt like there was a lot of hand-holding on our end, and things within the business just weren’t improving.”

    However, because Espin still needed help with customer service, the brand knew it was time to search for a replacement for its current BPO, which is what led them to book a call with our team. 


    “At some points, it’s actually felt like we’re a customer service company who just happens to sell bikes – TalentPop has truly gone above and beyond to help us get organized and become a better company.”

    Within just a few months of working with TalentPop, Yina said they were already seeing massive growth and improvements as a direct result of both TalentPop’s assistance as well as the brand’s dedicated TalentPop agent, Princess.

    “Princess has been so amazing,” Yina told us. “She asks great questions and has been such an asset to our team – she has all the qualities we’re looking for in a customer service agent for our company, and we can’t wait to offload the agents from our old outsourcing company so we can bring even more TalentPop agents on board.”

    Though Princess mainly focused on handling basic customer service inquiries in her first few weeks with Espin Bikes, she’s already gained a deeper understanding of the more technical questions by learning from the brand’s subject matter experts and now feels comfortable working with those kinds of tickets as well. 

    Overall, Espin Bikes couldn’t be happier with the results they’ve achieved with TalentPop’s help. 

    “You guys are so prepared… you’ve helped us not only get organized and optimize our customer service processes but you’ve always helped us become a better company for our customers.”


    Outsource customer service to TalentPop to organize and optimize your CX processes

    We get an absolute kick out of hearing such positive feedback from clients because we’re in the business of helping brands grow by prioritizing customer service. 

    Our fierce dedication to your brand as well as the energy and positivity our trained, qualified agents bring to your customer service team is what sets us apart from other BPOs in our industry.

    From our streamlined onboarding process all the way to quality assurance with your Customer Success Manager, TalentPop is there for you and your brand every step of the way. Plus, because we offer month-to-month solutions at affordable rates, scaling your support up or down based on seasonal trends or your business needs will always be a breeze.

    To start experiencing the TalentPop difference today, book a call with our team, and we’ll show you how we can improve customer satisfaction in your business by making customer service a top priority for 2023.

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