How TalentPop Helped Elix Healing Achieve (And Maintain) CSAT Scores Of 4.8 And Higher

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  • on December 16, 2022
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  • “All of our TalentPop agents go above and beyond in caring for our product and community members.”


    The Client: The ultimate leader in Traditional Chinese medicine and menstrual wellness, Elix Healing brings a holistic approach to female wellness with herbal treatments that are grounded in ancient wisdom yet proven by modern science. Elix’s ingredients are 100% organic and effective, and the brand offers personalized herbal blends and treatments for women ready for a safe, natural alternative for treating their menstrual symptoms.

    The Challenge: As the brand began to grow, Elix Healing found itself ready to outsource customer service. However, with a highly-personalized and technical product, the brand needed to hire agents who would be the right fit to work with Elix’s demographic of community members.
    In its earliest days, prior to working with TalentPop, Elix Healing was handling customer service the same way most new start-ups do – internally. In fact, nearly all customer service tickets and inquiries were falling on the shoulders of Madison Knight, the brand’s Director of Operations and Community Experience.


    “In the beginning, it was really stressful handling it all,” Madison told us. “Now, we have 4 agents who not only help with customer service and Gorgias tickets but are also willing to take on other projects and administrative tasks.”

    In fact, after she onboarded the brand’s first two TalentPop agents, Tamara and Rachel, the two took the process in stride so much that they were a vital part of onboarding the next two agents, Ivory and Joyce, a few months later, which gave Madison back time she needed to tackle other tasks.

    “All the agents have done a phenomenal job in going above and beyond to serve our community members.” 

    Madison says she loves how much Elix’s TalentPop agents care about their work and how passionate they feel about the brand’s mission of helping women.

    The agents have performed so well that within a few months, Elix Healing reached a CSAT score of 4.8 which hasn’t dropped since achieving it.


    “Not only are the TalentPop agents great at CX, but they’re also great at a lot of other tasks, too!”

    Once the TalentPop agents were in a comfortable position with handling Elix Healing’s tickets, Madison was excited to see them start utilizing their training and expertise in other areas of the brand. For example, Joyce, one of the last agents Elix onboarded, has now taken over a great deal of communication with the brand’s fulfillment center and adopted it as a secondary task.

    Plus, when the brand implemented a new warehouse management system, the TalentPop agents were there for support throughout the entire complicated process.

    “The TalentPop agents are always willing to jump in and help,” said Madison, “and even though they’re remote, they still feel like a part of our team.” 


    Experience the value and support of dedicated CX agents by outsourcing customer service to TalentPop

    There’s nothing our TalentPop team loves more than hearing success stories from our incredible clients. Knowing how difficult customer service can be for e-commerce businesses makes us especially equipped to step in and help out brands like Elix Healing. 

    Each of our highly-qualified agents is trained in a variety of e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Gorgias, and when you choose to outsource customer service to TalentPop, we make sure to match your brand with agents who will be the right fit for your product and your customers. 

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