How TalentPop’s Agents Help Crush Baffin’s Projected Goals

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  • on October 13, 2022
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    The Client: Baffin is a footwear company based in Ontario, Canada, and they’re changing the game for outdoor adventurers by offering Real-World Tested™ extreme outdoor performance footwear. 

    The Challenge: As Baffin began to enter their busiest season, they realized that there was no way for them to properly serve their customers and handle tickets without burning out their team and potentially lowering customer satisfaction. Additionally, they’d struggled for over a year to manage their Amazon store and didn’t have time to train new employees on the complicated system.

    How TalentPop’s Agents Help Crush Baffin’s Projected Goals 

    Prior to TalentPop, Baffin was facing several challenges in its customer service department. The company needed more manpower to handle the sheer volume of tickets coming in for returns, warranty inquiries, and general service questions. 

    But, with no additional time to actually hire and train new team members, they found themselves stranded in the middle of their busy season without the help they needed.

    After deciding to work with TalentPop, Baffin’s assigned recruiter Azita quickly brought in several vetted candidates, 2 of whom became the start of Baffin’s TalentPop team. 

    As Munesh Raj, Baffin’s Manager of Customer Experience, said to us, “If I’m going to outsource something, I want it to be streamlined and easy, and that’s exactly how it felt with TalentPop. 

    “Azita was a great recruiter for us – through all the feedback I gave her, she was really able to dial in and get us some awesome people who were trained and ready to go. I couldn’t have done that without TalentPop’s help.”


    Since hiring their first two TalentPop agents back in January of 2020, Baffin now has a team of 7 who can easily handle tickets ranging from basic customer service inquiries to more complicated, case-by-case warranty scenarios. Several of the agents have also taken on more responsibility such as internal administrative tasks.

    One of the biggest goals Baffin was able to achieve with the help of their TalentPop team was closing out the leftover tickets that had been sitting in its Amazon storefront. 

    For over a year, Baffin had been struggling to manage the internal admin for its Amazon store, as returns on Amazon are typically much more complicated and time-consuming. This meant that though every single customer who’d made a return through Amazon had gotten their money back, tickets dating back 300 days still remained open within Baffin’s system.

    On a Thursday morning, Raj began training his TalentPop team on the workload for what he dubbed “the Amazon project” – by the following Tuesday morning, the backlog of tickets from 300 days ago was now down to tickets from just 50 days ago.

    “The TalentPoppers absolutely crushed it. We achieved a goal that I didn’t think was possible, and it’s so great that we were able to leverage the TalentPop team to make it happen.”


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