How TalentPop Helped Art Of Tea Elevate Customer Service With Support From The Right Agents For Their Brand

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  • on February 24, 2023
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  • “The communication from the TalentPop team was paramount to streamlining everything. There was a whole team of people supporting us.”


    The Client: Art of Tea offers hand-blended and custom-crafted organic teas and botanicals, each of which has its own unique story to tell. With eco-conscious teabags and loose leaf tea options, Art of Tea is on a mission to provide a healthy, delicious, and ethically-sourced option for tea-drinkers worldwide. 

    The Challenge: Art of Tea prides itself on offering a superior product to its customers, but when the brand’s lean internal team started to talk about they could improve the customer experience, they knew it was time to consider outsourcing customer service to an expert. 


    How TalentPop helped Art Of Tea elevate customer service with support from the right agents for their brand

    When you’re getting ready to grow your business, it’s imperative to consider whether you have the tools you need to make it work or if it’s time to call in the cavalry. 

    For Art of Tea, that tough conversation came around Q4 of 2021. With the early holiday shopping season in full swing, the brand was doing better than ever in regards to sales. 

    But, to handle the influx of tickets that accompanied the swell in sales, Vice President Hannah Houglum knew that her team needed additional support to make sure Art of Tea’s brand voice, ethos, and general standard of CX would be upheld even during the busiest times. 

    “From the beginning when we first started working with TalentPop, the communication was just so great,” Hannah told us. “They showed this level of commitment to making sure we hired the right agents by really listening to what we needed.”

    Hannah also loved that when it came time to onboard her new TalentPop agent, their skill set and personality matched the criteria she’d given our team.

    Hannah said, “I told you exactly what we were looking for and you listened… The process takes a lot less time than people might think.”


    “TalentPop helped us source and vet our agents. It’s an added layer of security that helped us save time and find the right agents for our brand.”


    Since entering our partnership, TalentPop has been there to support Art of Tea with their customer service needs every step of the way, including helping them onboard additional agents during the holiday season to accommodate the wave of holiday shoppers.

    Hannah recalled, “There was also one week when our dedicated agent was out and TalentPop had someone else step in right away to help out.” 

    She and her internal team really appreciated not only the efficiency with which we assigned a temporary agent to their brand, but also that the agent we selected was still knowledgeable enough to actually support them and work well with the internal team. 

    Now, with their dedicated agents that have been sourced and vetted by TalentPop’s thorough recruitment processes, Art of Tea is poised for growth and looking toward the future.


    Elevate your brand’s CX by bringing on a dedicated agent with TalentPop

    Growing a successful brand truly takes a village, and at TalentPop, we’re ready to help you get the support you need to make a splash in your industry.

    We know all too well that having an incredible product isn’t enough anymore to stand out amongst your competitors. To create a truly loyal customer base, you must have a consistently high-quality customer experience that nurtures your target audience and makes them feel valued and heard. 

    At TalentPop, we focus on recruiting trainable, trustworthy agents who are well-versed on best practices for customer service and the latest technology that e-commerce brands use daily. Our tried-and-true recruitment process means that by the time you to meet the agents we’ve matched with your brand, they’ve already been sourced, vetted, and trained by yours truly.

    It’s that simple. Book a call with our team today if you’re ready to look towards the future with your business and outsource customer service to elevate CX.

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