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    Let’s learn more about your business

    In order to match you with the perfect customer service agent and expert e-commerce assistant, we need to gather some information about you and your business


    What’s the name of your company?

    CX Fun Fact

    The amount of tickets you have coming in per day will help us determine the amount of agents we recommend you adopt to keep up with current demands.

    On average, agents can handle 50 - 100 tickets per day depending on the communication channel and depth of questions.


    How many customer service tickets come in per day?

    What tasks can agents cover?

    Our agents are able to cover all inbound CX channels including email, live chat, sms and phone. Our agents are also skilled in social media management, influencer outreach, subscription management and other administrative tasks. You tell us what you need and we find someone with the proper skillset to take your business to the next level.


    What channels & tasks are you looking to have covered?

    Need Help Handling Customer Support For Your E-Commerce Business?

    Our agents have extensive Customer Service experience as well as familiarity with E-commerce best practices.

    Our Customer Success team members are experts when it comes to organizing, streamlining, and building out your Customer Service Process.






    A 100% Dedicated CX Agent

    A Comprehensive CX Audit

    A Customer Success Manager

    A Quality Assurance Team Leader

    Brand Standard Operating Procedures

    Open & Easy Communication via Slack

    How can we contact you?

    One of our specialists will reach out to you with a custom quote.

    Your data will only be used for someone at TalentPop to contact you to discuss your CX needs.