TalentPop's screening for success



English And Personality Test

The first step of TalentPop's screening process is having
all candidates go through a comprehensive english language
and communication assessment. During this assessment call,
we also go over the candidate's unique personality traits to
make sure they’re a good fit for your business needs.



Comprehensive Skill Review

Step 2 of the recruiting process involves testing each
applicant's knowledge on the technical skills needed for
your position. We conduct a full skills review, verifying
that the applicant is experienced with your process and
is familiar with any tools or software that your business



Live Screening & Video Interview

Every applicant is interviewed on a 1 on 1 video call
by your dedicated recruitment manager. Your
recruitment manager provides live exercises for the
applicants to complete to analyze their problem-solving
ability and experience. The top candidate's video call
recordings are then sent for your team for approval.



Onboarding & Trial Phase

Once you select your favorite candidate from
the video call recordings, your virtual assistant
then will enter a 7 day training period where they
will learn the in's and out's of your business processes.
If you're not satisfied by your agent's performance within
the first 30 days, we will source a new candidate for your
business free of charge.