How TalentPop Helped Popl Lower Ticket Response & Resolution Times

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  • on October 24, 2022
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    The Client: Popl is the leading Digital Business Card Platform for both teams and individuals, and they’re making it possible for businesses to instantly share contact info with just a tap or a scan.

    The Challenge: Since Popl offers a highly-technical product that is constantly changing and adapting, they receive a high number of tickets each day that range from basic service questions to technical support inquiries – all of which were overwhelming their existing team.

    How TalentPop Helped Popl Lower Ticket Response & Resolution Times

    Before TalentPop, Popl was struggling to keep up with the increasing number of tickets coming in from customers each day. Not only was it becoming impossible to keep the resolution times low, but it was also draining the battery of Popl’s existing team members because of how technical their product is.

    When Popl decided it was time to bring in outside assistance, they turned to TalentPop for outsourcing customer service. 

    The TalentPop team helped to quickly onboard two agents, Cath and Dia, onto the Popl team, which was a win in and of itself considering that Popl didn’t have the bandwidth to find and train new employees.

    “TalentPop does an incredible job with the preliminary onboarding. I didn’t have to teach these agents how to use Shopify or Gorgias… they were already primed with all of these skills.”

    Since working with TalentPop, Popl has seen increased customer satisfaction due to the lowered response and resolution times the new agents have helped them achieve. 

    The agents, Cath and Dia, can communicate easily with the in-house Popl team through Slack, and they’re now attending weekly meetings as well.

    With new processes each week, Popl continues to improve and streamline its customer service with the help of TalentPop’s trained, qualified agents.

    “The whole system is economical, the agents are just wonderful – TalentPop’s services really check every box for us.”

    Ready to hand your e-commerce business’ customer service over to the experts? TalentPop’s qualified agents will be the game changer you need to grow and scale into the future.

    To get started today, schedule a call with our team so we can learn more about your brand’s unique customer service needs.

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