How TalentPop Helped MANSSION Elevate Customer Service and Give Its Founders Their Time Back

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  • on February 10, 2023
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  • “[Working with TalentPop] has allowed us to take back more mental capacity and focus on our more important tasks.”

    The Client: Founded in 2019, MANSSION designs jewelry for men who are ready to set themselves apart from the crowd. By using high-quality materials for their minimalist pieces, MANSSION’s products balance edginess and sophistication and allow their customers to express their individuality.

    The Challenge: After a few years in business, MANSSION’s founders were ready to take their brand to the next level – but, they needed an expert to help them manage customer service so they could dedicate more of their time and mental energy into growing the business.


    How TalentPop helped MANSSION elevate customer service and give its founders their time back

    When MANSSION was started in 2019 by buddies Torii Rowe, Yorgi Spanos, and Feras Khouri, it was very similar to most new businesses – as in, the founders were juggling nearly every task themselves. We’ve all been there, right?

    However, as the brand began to grow, the trio knew they needed to begin outsourcing to other companies to keep up with the pace they’d set.

    One of the departments that desperately needed to be outsourced to an expert was – you guessed it – customer service. 

    As a former customer service representative, co-founder Feras Khouri already knew how crucial customer service is to a brand’s success, yet also knew how draining it is for a business owner to handle alone.

    Khouri said, “customer service is incredibly important and takes a lot of mental capacity. Our Customer Success Manager, Andrew, has gone above and beyond not just with managing our customer service team, but also making a lot of cool introductions for us to brands in adjacent industries.”


    “[With TalentPop], I can still keep my finger on the pulse of the business but use my time for things that will actually help us grow.”


    When MANSSION decided to work with TalentPop and outsource customer service, the brand instantly felt they were in good hands. 

    “The onboarding process was so smooth,” Khouri told us. “Andrew and Sabrina, our customer service rep, were both great and very helpful. Especially at a company our size where we still don’t have a dedicated Customer Success Team, it helps to have people like Andrew on it who are setting up the meetings and being proactive with communication and things like that.”

    Since partnering with TalentPop to elevate customer service, MANSSION’s team told us they’ve seen major improvements, and that as business owners who take customer feedback very seriously, this is huge for them. 

    Khouri told us, “I’m always the person who’s saying to work harder and do more to make it work, but there are certain things that are just so time-consuming and consume your mental capacity as well. You’re just not going to do it better than someone [like TalentPop] who can be totally focused on it.”

    Khouri and his co-founders have been so pleased with their TalentPop experience that he’s begun making introductions to fellow business owners who need a better customer service solution.


    Improve Customer service within your brand by outsourcing customer service to TalentPop’s e-commerce-trained agents

    Whether you’re starting a new business or trying to scale your brand in 2023, customer service is the key to setting yourself apart and retaining more customers to increase your revenue. 

    At TalentPop, we’ve been in your shoes before. Our founders were once e-commerce business owners themselves, and they experienced the struggles firsthand of balancing big-picture management with day-to-day customer service tasks that bogged them down.

    Today, we pride ourselves on helping e-commerce brands just like yours elevate customer service to improve CX and earn more loyal customers. From training in top e-commerce tech tools like Gorgias and Shopify to best practices for interacting with customers, your dedicated customer service agents from TalentPop will come equipped with everything they need to help your brand grow. 


    If you’re ready to elevate the customer experience in your business this year by outsourcing customer service to industry experts, book a call with our team today.

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