You are certainly welcome to search for your own Virtual Assistants on these job boards, however this does involve a serious time commitment and these candidates have not been screened. At TalentPop, we take the time to complete 2 rounds of interviews where we pre-screen all candidates, complete background/reference checks and provide you with the best candidates who will fit your job description. Additionally, we will handle all payroll and HR requirements.

Our team of recruiting professionals has access to a large talent pool across multiple job sites, where they are able to reach out to and pre-screen the top candidates. We also check references and complete 3 rounds of interviews before providing you with the candidate’s video. This thorough screening process ensures that we are providing you with the best candidates who we feel can best handle your unique requirements.

You can outsource for any project that can be fulfilled virtually. Jobs that require specialized skills can easily be filled by our pool of candidates. A short list of these outsourcing job roles includes customer service, lead generation, list building, social media management, community management, email management, date entry, or any other VA specific task.

Everything we do is completely month to month so that you can scale up and down based on your specific needs.

We can have your Virtual Assistant work based on your required hourly schedule. Full-time team members work 9 hours with a 1-hour unpaid lunch break and part-time team members work 4 hours per day.

Your Virtual Assistant will work a minimum of 20 hours per week and can work up to 40 hours per week. Each Virtual Assistant is also available to work overtime, but we recommend providing them with a bonus for additional hours worked to keep them incentivized.

Once you are introduced to your new team member, please allow at least 3-5 business days to sign and complete the Client Services Agreement and begin the payment schedule for your Virtual Assistant. Once the onboarding process is complete, we will set up an Onboarding Welcome call so you can begin the conversation with your VA, determine a starting date and prepare them with all necessary materials so they are ready for their first shift.

All Team Members are required to have a quiet workplace in their residence, typically a separate room in their house. They must also have a reliable DSL Internet connection and up-to-date computer.

Many of our candidates prefer working from home as they do not have to spend time traveling to and from their workplace. This relieves any unnecessary stress, travel expenses and time so that your team member can have a clear mind during each shift.

Billing & Invoicing

Your first invoice is prorated based on the number of hours worked in the first month. After that, billing is done twice a month every 1st and 15th of the month. Your credit card will automatically be charged for the hours worked by the agent. As you can understand, it is very important that all Virtual Assistants are paid on time as this income is their livelihood.

We typically bill our clients in USD, but can adjust to your local currency upon request.

We accept both Visa and Mastercard and there are NO surcharges for using credit cards. We can also set up ACH upon request.

You are only required to pay your Virtual Assistant for hours they worked. However, if you would like to provide compensation to staff for time off/holidays, you are welcome to do so at your discretion. We advise you to treat them as if they are your employee.

You can make the decision for a team member to work during public holidays, but some staff may request time off during public holidays in their local country.

Managing Your Team

We recommend maintaining an open line of communication throughout their shift. Using applications like Slack or Skype is a great way to maintain communication, share files, send calendar invites, etc. which your Virtual Assistant will need to complete their tasks.

We use Hubstaff to identify the hours worked by your Virtual Assistant. All activity is tracked by the platform and time is measured by a timer when they are working. We also recommend establishing KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for your Virtual Assistants to measure up how well they are handling their daily tasks and to assess their quality of work.

We recommend that all of our staff track their hours worked using our time-keeping software, Hubstaff. They will be required to log on at the start of each shift and log out when finished for the day. This program also tracks your agent’s keyboard & mouse activity to ensure they are being as productive as possible.

All staff members are on a probationary period for the first thirty days of their tenure. If they do not meet your standards during this period, please let us know and we can replace the agent for you, free of cost.

After the probationary period, we do request that if you are not happy with your team member, please provide us a minimum of two weeks notice prior to termination.

The Customer Success Manager will be your point of contact while working with TalentPop. They will be with you every step of the way from recruitment, to training, to onboarding and management.

For the first month, they will attend an initial meet & greet with you, then also be with you for three live video training calls. They will also be meeting with you once a week to ensure everything is running smoothly.

After the initial month, your customer success manager will meet with you bi-weekly, weekly, twice a month or once a month depending on your needs. However, your customer success manager is always available to you. If you ever need to meet with them at an alternate time, just message them on Slack!

At TalentPop, every agent is overseen by a Team Leader that conducts a QA analysis every week. We look at metrics such as the number of tickets your agent answered per day and what the average first time response rate and average resolution time was on those tickets. If there were any negative customer satisfaction scores, your Team Leader will address those with the agent to ensure satisfaction scores increase. Lastly, we spot check the last fifteen tickets every single week to identify what went well, what didn’t go well, and if there were any learning opportunities that could be presented to the agent on the weekly call to ensure the agent is always continuing to improve.