Adan Walters
Adan Walters
Customer Service Manager
Ruth Perez
Ruth Perez
Live Chat Specialist
Sam Curry
Sam Curry
Customer Service Representative
Peter Moorty
Peter Moorty
Customer Service Representative
Ellen Swan
Ellen Swan
Senior Customer Service Representative
Danielle Stone
Danielle Stone
Customer Service Manager
Matthew Watkins
Matthew Watkins
Customer Service Manager
Jesse Michels
Jesse Michels
Lead Generation Specialist
Casey Boudreau
Casey Boudreau
Customer Service Manager
Francis Mitrok
Francis Mitrok
Senior Customer Service Manager

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It’s time for change if you find yourself...

Answering hundreds
of customer service
emails per day

Overwhelmed with
tedious, non-crucial

Spending too much
time answering
comments on social

Busy but not

Save 20+ hours and thousands of dollars a week by outsourcing
your e-commerce tasks for as low as $8 an hour.









Hand off your tasks in 4 easy steps

Step 1 - Record your processes

Utilize our screen recording platform to
record a video of you performing the tasks
that you want your virtual assistant to manage
for you.

Step 2 - Send us the instructions

Create a draft of instructions that you would
like your new virtual assistant to follow.
This can include answers to your most
common questions, order of operations for
your assistant to follow, and any specifics you
need them to know.

Step 3 - We'll recreate and optimize your process

Your customer success manager will work on duplicating the process and create detailed step by step instructions for you to approve before handing off to your virtual assistant to follow.

Your virtual assistant will then follow the process step-by-step executing the tasks at hand just like you would.

Step 4 - Review Daily & Weekly Results

Your customer success manager will
create a custom reporting dashboard
which your virtual assistant will use to
track performance on tasks that you can monitor
daily and weekly.

Meet your
new team

Onboarding Specialist

Meet Your Matchmaker. They will work with you to fully understand your business requirements and search through our pool of experts to find the top candidates for you to choose from.

Customer Success

Your primary point of contact who is dedicated to curating the perfect strategy for your unique needs. They will work closely with you to create a tailor-made process for your Virtual Assistant and your internal team.

Expertly Trained Virtual

Your personal apprentice. They will work exclusively with you to manage your daily tasks. Dedicated to their tasks at hand and dedicated to your success.

Let’s get started


Schedule a

Tell us about your business needs and goals.
Together we will develop a plan to help manage your tedious yet crucial tasks


Let the

Based off of your unique needs, allow our team to go through the recruitment process to find the perfect fit for your brands unique needs.


your team’s

Your dedicated virtual assistant will assist you with your tedious daily tasks so you can focus on the tasks that make your business grow.

Here’s why businesses like yours chose
to work with Talentpop

Andrew Stephens

E-Commerce Manager

From communication to onboarding to getting the work done, this whole experience has been fantastic. I highly recommend Talentpop to anyone looking to outsource tedious admin e-commerce tasks.

Saman Izadiyar

Director Of Sales

Talentpop is the best solution for e-commerce businesses that can use additional manpower, but don't want to take on all of the additional expenses that come on with full-time employees.

Jimmy DiShanni

Founder and CEO

Talentpop provided us with 3 full-time customer service reps to handle our live chat and flow of emails. We are now able to better serve our customers and free up time to work on other initiatives.

Here’s why you should choose TalentPop
and save time and money today

No extra time or effort required on your end

No need to change your processes

100% Risk-free

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee